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All The Crafty Ladies

For the past five years I have wanted to try colored pencils over Copics, but the time where I had the nerve and I had the time never seemed to match up. It's one of the ways the sassy and socially conscious Mary Engelbreit gets her bold colors, warmth and dimension. This was a first time with the technique and though I thought it added a charming sketchy quality, I definitely see, like so many other things, I'll need more practice with it.

The stamp and sentiment are from Crafters Heart by Trinity Stamps is a great stamp to do after a long day in front of the tv. All the images are tiny, meaning you don't have to stress too much with complicated blends and it's happily mindless as you choose which pretty color to use next.

I went crazy(at least for me) with the embellishments. The big embellishments are from Lucy's Cards and are Rainbow Sparkles. The little ones came from the Target Kids Section a million years ago.

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